Large Monitor Users - What resolution are you using?

Hey folks

I have just welcomed a new 27" / 4K monitor into our household (a “Dell UltraSharp U2718Q” for those who are interested).

The resolution (3840x2160) is… wow. That text is small. I’ve already found myself bumping up font sizes in some apps for my 47 year-old eyes.

Using the excellent ‎Display Menu, I have found that there are three options that I find useful:

  • 3840 x 2160
  • 3200 x 1800
  • 2560 x 1440

The middle resolution (3200 x 1800) seems to be the point where I don’t have to increase font size.

My questions for those of you with 27" monitors (or similarly large):

1. What resolution are you using?

2. How old are your eyes?

(If you don’t mind sharing…)

My Retina iMac is scaled one size larger than default; when option-clicking ‘Scaled’ in the Displays prefpane 2048x1152 is highlighted.

My eyes have seen 55 sun orbits.

iMac Pro, 5K and LG 27" 4K, both set to 2560x1440
I’m 57.

2048 X 1152
10.14 dog years using the old rule of thumb (seems we now have a better understanding of dog age compared to humans -

I’m fluttering between 3840 x 2160 and… 3008 x 1692, apparently, on my 32” monitor. It’s about a foot away from my face, which is probably another important measure in this convo!

Turned 31 on Monday. :tada:
…I might need glasses soon.

When I think of it, I put on a pair of overpriced computer vision glasses. Pretty sure they have like a .2 magnification power. (Yes, I guess I really should make an optometry appointment…)

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2560 x 1440, as that is the native resolution of my (~10 years old) 27” Dell monitor.

27" iMac with attached 27" 4k LG. Both at 2560x1440. 71 years. Also “computer” glasses.

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27" iMac at 2880 x 1620 flanked by 2 Philips 27" 4K monitors both at 3008 X 1692. I’m 42.

HP LA2405x 1920x1200.(native resolution) 52 year old eyes.

1920x1080. I’ll be “13” if I make it to my next BDAY.

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2 27" 4K monitors both set to 2560x1440, which (I think) is the default resolution for the 5K displays. I find it is slightly less sharp than a whole-number scaled resolution, but it’s still very high quality. In fact, it looks considerably better than the native 2560x1440 monitor that I have at work.

(51 years old)

Nice. I purchased the Dell U2718Q monitor 2+ years ago and have been very happy with it.

I currently have a 27" iMac that’s flanked by two Dell 27" monitors in portrait mode.

I typically leave the Dell monitors set to 1440x2560, but frequently switch the resolution of my 27" iMac using the Displays app. I really like Displays as it allows me to assign global keyboard shortcuts to resolutions (among other things).

I tend to use the lower resolutions when doing focused work, such as answering email, and switch to the higher resolutions when I need more screen real estate (e.g. when doing video editing in ScreenFlow).


I have a Dell 3011U 30" monitor on 2560*1600.
Great for the eyes and no need to enlarge text. 54y

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great set up!

I now have 3 30" side by side but can’t get them in portrait mode, which for reference monitors is definitely better.

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Thanks, @simonsmark. Three 30" monitors sounds pretty amazing as well!

If there’s physically a way to mount your monitors in a portrait orientation (e.g. using a VESA mount) then it’s likely that you’ll be able to adjust the angle in System Preferences > Displays.

Having monitor(s) in portrait mode can be very convenient in some circumstances (e.g. browsing a document or reviewing a long web page). And they don’t take up very much desk space.

Tried but the stand is not vesa. Monitors are too heavy. Have been very lucky with these mons, but it will be time for something new soon… would love to have PiP and thunderbolt connectivity so I can connect Apple TV and other video sources

I’m on a 28" 4k monitor set at 1080p.

It’s a good 70cm away (over 2’) and everything is a comfortable , relaxed size for my 47 year old eyes.

I only bump the resolution up for Logic and Xcode, and I have an old iPad for reference via Sidecar (which I’ve found way better than the little red dongle I forgot the name of).

Edit: it’s Luna Display

Wow, that’s a lot of real estate. I was originally looking for a monitor that I could rotate 90º next to my MacBook Pro, but this would seem a bit absurd in portrait next to the MBP.

Thanks for the link to Displays. I’ve missed that one somehow. Will take a look.

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Damn, I should not have clicked on this thread, it is going to cost me money.

I suspect some of you guys are day traders, I have not seen that many monitors since Swordfish.


iMac 27-inch 5k Retina (2017) running at 5120 x 2880. with an old Dell next (portrait) 20-inch running at 1050x1680. Eyes older than 65. Using weak reading glasses.

I can’t think of any app I use that does not allow me to adjust the text size for best reading … from small to large. and reading view in Safari is nice. I don’t find resolution has much to do with text size.