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Firstly, I did a search on this and most posts are from the Renaissance Era (over a year ago! :wink:)
My wife and I are after new monitors. I have a 32" Benq but looking at a 27", the 32 is too large for me.

I’m thinking of something like this for us both:

I’d like USB-C with power/data, 4K, Auto Source Switch - all of which the above has.

Don’t want to spend the earth but don’t want buyer’s remorse through compromising on quality/value either.

Over to the brains trust! (that’s all of you, in case you were wondering!) :wink:

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For me, having a camera baked into the display was a deal breaker and why I held my nose and got the 27" Studio Display (with Mac Mini M2). Have not regretted it.

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This checks all the boxes and then some:

Bonus for very thin bezels with same dimension on the 4 sides, and no ugly logo on the front.


I have that same monitor hooked up to my Mac Studio and love it.

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It’s more than I wanted to pay, but it does scrub up well in the specs. :sunglasses: