Latest Setapp Build Broken?

Anyone else having issues with Setapp today? None of the apps I have installed will open and neither does the Setapp App Store. I get the following message if I try to open it:

If I restart the OS the apps that are supposed to open automatically will say something similar with a Learn More button that takes me to the same download.

One thing about it being down is that is has shown me how much I rely on some of those apps. :confused:

Their Twitter account indicates a general problem. Thanks for posting this. I was having TaskPaper problems this morning and didn’t think about it being a SetApp version.

So it’s another win for plain text files: I’ll just edit my stuff in BBEdit today.


instructions here:

I just did it and am back up and running.

Those instructions are identical to what the support sent me. Using the uninstaller prior to installing the app again resolved the issue!