Launch Center Pro Tips

I have recently revisited using Launch Center Pro on my 12.9ā€ iPad Pro. Now that this iPad is my main machine, I would love to hear how people are using LCP. I have played around with a few Omnifocus 3 perspective launches and find that helpful.

How are you using LCP?


I, too, have just started in the realm of LCP. Iā€™m currently using it to automate a few workflows and speed up my morning routine.

I have a daily workflow to help me track my dreams that LCP kicks off at 7:30am. At 8, LPC triggers an alert to send me to The Wirecutter deals page. At the end of each day it triggers my journal workflow for Day One, and, on Tuesday evenings, it triggers a workflow to help me capture memories and big picture wins from our weekly gatherings.

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