Launcher + workflow

At one point I had a lot of meetings all over a large part of Denmark and found myself always checking my calendar for the address of my next appointment, and so I came up with this workflow.

It’s designed to be launched automatically from Launcher through the use of geo-fencing, but would probably be usable for LCP as well (I have no experience with LCP - but LCP users are more than welcome to confirm or deny whether this is the case):

What it does:

1: check all calendars in Apple Calendar for upcoming appointments with the following criteria:
2: Start date is today
3: Start time is later than the current time
4: The location of the appointment is different from the current location
5: If more than one appointment is found, it will sort all upcoming appointments favoring the next upcoming appointment, while discarding all others until current time is equal to end time of next upcoming appointment

a): If upcoming appointment(s) are found in the calendar: get the location for the upcoming appointment
and start directions to the destination, in Apple Maps
b): If no upcoming appointments are found the workflow will go back to Launcher

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