Launchpad Not Keeping Layout

Has anyone noticed that Launchpad doesn’t like to keep your icons in the order you place them? It constantly rearranges them for no reason. I’m currently on the public beta but noticed it was happening on the normal release as well. Anyone have an fixes for this?

I have not noticed this behavior.

Google the following: reset launchpad terminal

I did this and found discussions about this problem going back at least seven years. Solutions include using a terminal command or deleting files in application support. Perhaps one of them will work for you.

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I think the real reason for this is that Apple doesn’t take Launchpad seriously. It was created as a bridge for new Mac uses who came from iPad or iPhone, giving a similar but not as flexible way to launch apps. They never bothered to enhance it over the years.

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I still like using it. Just a quick swipe and I can see all of my apps.