Laundry Scheduler in Lock Screen Widget!

Quickly plan your next laundry session from a lock screen widget. All it takes is two taps!

Main Workflow:

Two helper Workflows with functionality extracted from main workflow for readability:

The user first selects a date from a list of 14 upcoming days, then selects one of a few user-defined time slots. An event is automatically added to a calendar specified by the user.

Note: It is made for 24h time format. Some tweaking is probably needed for 12h time format.

Edit: Correct links.

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Google Calendar added something called Google Goals. Tell it you want to do anything X times week/month, and it will suggest a time that’s open on your calendar, which you can accept or veto. Then if you’ve done it you check it off and GC set the next appointment based on your criteria. If you don’t do the laundry when scheduled instead clock ‘Defer’ and the appointment will get moved. Its AI also learns when you don’t want to do something (or didn’t do a scheduled goal) and tries to make better future suggestions. More here and here.

It may not be a workflow but it’s one more reason I use Google Calendar. The AI is surprisingly useful, gets better over time, and automatically gives me lock-screen alerts if desired.

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Thank you for the information, I did not know of that functionality. It sure sounds useful if the only constraints for selection of laundry times is in your calendar. I live in an apartment with a shared laundry room, so there are only certain slots available, which makes a ‘low-tech’ solution suitable.

Out of curiosity: do you use Google Goals for more tasks than scheduling of laundry times? :slight_smile:

Yes! For goals I’d like to squeeze in but don’t want to have to explicitly set times for. The example Google itself uses in its intro video is learning a foreign language.

To set a goal (like “Work out more”), simply answer a few questions (like “How often?” and “Best time?”), and you’re all set. From there Calendar will look at your schedule and find the best windows to pencil in time for that goal. More info here.

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