Learn.MacSparky Student Discount

Hi all,

I am really happy to announce that I have been working with @MacSparky to offer students a 20% discount on everything at Learn.MacSparky.

I hope some of you find this useful. You can find claim any discounts using the links below:



Would you happen to know if this works for teachers and professors as well? As you know, many sites offer “educational” discounts that work for both.

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From the FAQ it looks like any .edu or .ac address is accepted - along with a rather large number of universities that for whichever reason don’t use either of those :slight_smile:

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Hi Rose & Philp3, we offer discounts to both students and staff, provided you can provide evidence of your educational status. If our list of accepted emails does not currently contain yours, just let me know and I’ll get it added!