Learn to create Workflows like a ninja!

With the impending arrival of Siri Workflows my interest in automation across macOS and iOS has been rekindled in a big way.

I’ve also wanted to have the skills to build workflows but I just don’t have the skills required, as yet! I’ve dabbled a little with Applescipt and a little with javascript over the years but as it stands today I’m still a complete novice.

I know really want to get my head down and learn a strong foundation to build on.

Which brings me to my question, or questions should I say :wink:

Where is the best resources to go to for learning?

Also, I believe if you have a community you’re part of learning together you’re more likely to learn and at a faster taste :man_student: :woman_student:

Is there a resource out there like this?

I have wondered about the possibility of a forum on here for like minded learners to gather :school:

I’m just not sure there would be enough of us and if it’s something that would be allowed :man_shrugging:

Looking forward to your thoughts.



For Python I recommend checking this one (which I heard from a member of the FB group):


1 mail per week for 8 weeks, easy to digest, great videos. Uses IPs and network as examples (not my cup of tea) but can be applied to pretty much anything.


If we’re enough for javascript, perhaps we can re-activate this idea in @RosemaryOrchard’s Orchard Automation forum :grinning:

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Automation is a really broad spectrum to cover even if you just restrict it to Apple (which potentially cuts out web service only views) or a specific OS. People make entire careers out of just using one small aspect of automation such as a particular language (AppleScript springs to mind).

There’s the common advice to find something specific you want to work on in terms of an issue and focus on that to begin with. Then find the next issue and expand from there. It’s good advice.

If you search online for specific issues or ask specific questions on a forum like this when you need help, then in my personal opinion that’s what will get you further faster.

Start with a laser focus. Build depth through experience.

Probably not the ‘just visit these five web sites’ answer you would prefer, but based on my experience (over 20 now {ouch}!), it’s the best advice I can offer.


Thanks, @AFC I absolutely love the idea of @RosemaryOrchard 's forum. It is a fantastic idea to provide tasks that are specific and centre around one scripting language and you have an audience “waiting” on the output. Not to mention the fact you can share and get advice on the process and issues you are facing!

I really would love to start this up again, would you mind if we recycled the idea @RosemaryOrchard? So, a weekly challenge for those in the group and a show & tell type close to the week.

I’m already excited about this idea! :exploding_head:

I totally understand your point of view @sylumer and everything you say makes total sense I’m just looking for some kind of way to make the learning more interesting :scroll:

I think it is the trainer (of which I’ve been for many years) :man_teacher:

I’m actually going to follow your advice for half of the time and the other half experiment with different methods :men_wrestling:

I do really appreciate your input.


Give me just over 24 hours and I’ll get back to you folks - I need to ask some people some things first :slight_smile:


Of course @RosemaryOrchard thanks for you help :+1:


Now you’re making us really curious, you know that, right? :rofl: (no pressure!)


I think this is an incredible resource:

Easy to follow, with playgrounds to practice, good audio (podcast) and concise and comprehensive coverage. Starts wirth HTML and goes all the way through Javascript. Well worth the listen/practice


Bit off track but related… does any one know/use Mimo? Apparently an app that teaches lots of programing languages…

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Free code camp!!!
Also, CS minor here :slight_smile: happy to help as needed. I know some python, JavaScript, and PHP. Always looking to improve!!

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See this long thread in the Drafts forums for some resources and problems to solve and debug, if you’re interested in JS and Drafts 5.

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I was looking at MIMO for my kids just the other day. After reading through several independent reviews it looked like it was perhaps a little too basic vs. the pitch it was giving and whilst you could practice some stuff in the app, some seemed to require a separate computer.

Comparing to what I’ve looked at previously, this was more like a broad set of introductory text books and it simply wasn’t for us. I’d rather choose more tailored resources that go deeper, particularly if a subscription is involved. But saying that I’m also happy to guide my kids through these sorts of things as my background is in IT. For those that doesn’t apply to, maybe this would be a reasonable solution.

Once you understand the absolute basics of programming, the most important thing is make projects for yourself that you’re invested in the outcome. As great as many online tutorials are, I’ve found it easier and faster to learn by coming up with projects and then hopping through the documentation/snippets and stack overflow. Even if it’s kind of silly. My first project in python was a web scraper to let me know if a pair of shoes I liked went on sale.

I would love it though if there were more resources for JavaScript for Automation. It’s something I’ve dabbled in but the lack of examples makes it hard for me to figure out what I what to do.

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Fantastic, I’ll head on over there soon for a look around :grinning:

@JKoopmans Fantastic, I’ll head on over there soon for a look around :smile:

Yeah I use Mimo on and off @AFC

I have Mimo on both my iPad and iPhone. If you know nothing about programming it’s a good start. I have found that it lacks an explanation at times of why you’re using certain bits of code but all round good start for a novice.

Great to have you around @imTomes I’ve just registered with Free Code Camp this afternoon and it looks awesome!

That is excellent @dfay I’ve just started using Drafts 5 in the last few days and that
forum will help learn the app as well as the coding! Excellent find :hugs:

I’m loving the simple idea @dustinknopoff you’ve really got me thinking now :thinking:

Couldn’t agree more. The very little I know of js was learnt because I wanted to automate stuff in Drafts5. :grinning:

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Follow up: there is a perfect place for this! A Challenges, category. However as David and I just launched a new podcast about automation it seems to me that it belongs in that forum :wink:


aaaaaaaahhhhh Rose…

Not another username and pw…?

lucky I have 1P…

:smiley: had the same thought when saw the new forum! It’s for a good reason though​:grinning:

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