Learned how to invoke a Reminders Shortcut via keyboard shortcut to replicate Things 3 Quick Entry Feature

For you pros this will be a “well duh!” but I’m delighted. I just figured out how to do this.

One of my favorite features of Things 3 is the quick entry feature. By invoking a keyboard shortcut a Things 3 task window pops up for entering task information. This is a great feature for when something suddenly comes to mind. Hit the keyboard shortcut, enter the todo, and get on with your work.

I’ve been able to replicate this by creating a Reminders Shortcut on the Mac and then adding the keyboard shortcut for it. Works like a charm!


You are really tempting me to leave Things and use Reminders!

I created a shortcut to kinda give me the same thing on the iPad. It basically just opens a Type to Siri field and puts it into Things.

Should I apologize? :rofl:

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Not at all. The only things holding me back is the money I already spent on Things, the fact that I don’t want to move everything over and why fix what’s already working.

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Thank you… very useful.

On iOS this is pretty neat: