Learning to Appreciate Apple Notes Quick Note Feature

I have found myself using Apple Notes Quick Note feature more than I anticipated. Occasionally I want to check on a grammar rule when doing research or writing. This morning I wanted to double check the appropriateness of using and/or in writing, which I’m prone to do as easy shorthand. (the short version is don’t). I looked up the information and then added it to a Quick Note that I filed under Grammar Rule References.

If you are not using QN you may want to give it a try–it is fast and convenient on the Mac and iPad.

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I prefer Drafts’ “Capture” option from the Drafts menubar icon. I use Apple Quick Note on an iPad, and use it for handwriting there. It seems that a Quick Note for one machine is the same note for all machines – so on the Mac the handwriting note from the iPad is the one that opens.

Could you tell me where on the Mac can I access the Quick notes?
I can see it on the phone, but not on the mac.

Thanks !

You need to be on Monterey for this. If so, then move the mouse pointer down to the lower right corner of the screen and the corner of the Quick Note should appear. You can drag that into the window and expand it. The corner of the screen that Quick Note uses can be configured in System Preferences > Mission Control > Hot Corners

More here

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Ah yes, Thank you !

I remember it now. I had disabled it when I first updated to Monterey (it conflicted with my regular settings). Have turned it back to give it a go.

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@anon41602260 that is interesting. I too sometimes us Drafts from the menu bar to capture notes on the Mac. I can then easily save the note to my research folder. I’m adding a screenshot for those who may not be familiar with this option in Drafts.

Question, do you consolidate the text notes in Drafts and the handwritten ones in AN by saving them both in a folder? I’m inclined to export the AN as a PDF to a research folder if it is related to academic or professional work or research, otherwise I’m leaving them in AN.

The only “disadvantage” I’ve encountered when using drafts while collecting from a website is that it requires a second copy/paste of the URL–hardly a “burden” but it is an extra step. :slightly_smiling_face:

A ∩ B = Ø

The two sets of notes, iPad and Mac, are independent.

Notes have their own destinations depending on purpose and content. There are no rules.

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Stumbled across this helpful video about Apple Notes which spends a bit of time looking at Quick Note. The web page remaining highlighted when you return to it and being able to directly return to your note from the page is impressive.

Now, if only I could highlight a PDF to Apple notes in the same way….!