Leaving AirTag on car keys whilst it’s in the garage

Am I correct in thinking that if I leave an AirTag attached to my car keys whilst it’s in the garage for some work for a few weeks that it will start beeping, is it best to remove it before it goes in for work?

I just had my truck in the shop and I took my AirTag off my keys. I didn’t want any of the shop techs to get weirded out if they got a notification that someone’s AirTag could see their location.

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I think that notification only pops up if an AirTag follows you from one place to another. So probably not if it’s just in the shop, but maybe if the took it out for a test drive?

Yeah. Which is probably pretty common, depending on the repair.

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Just got my first Air Tag yesterday, all of these types of posts are way more informative than anything I’ve found on Apple’s website :slight_smile:

How about putting it on a lobster claw or carabiner so you can remove it easily.

Bodyshop after someone drove into me, so in theory they shouldn’t be taking it for test drive. It’s being recovered tomorrow so i’d quite like to track where it is, but I don’t want to drive the bodyshop nuts if it’s going to start beeping if the keys are away from my phone.

I’d expect a body shop to take a car for a drive after repairs are completed to check for rattles, verify that anything that had to be disconnected has been properly reconnected, and generally ensure it drives properly.


Not related to your original query but just to be wary about the repairs if your insurance company has handed you off to Auxillis.

We had someone scratch our car at a petrol staton (caught on camera) and we were passed on Auxillis, who arranged a replacement car and the repairs. However, it’s a credit agreement you sign with them so that if the insurance company doesn’t get the money, you have to stump up the cash. Our case ended up going to court (well, almost - the other party refused to pay up, probably because of the inflated hire cost of the car) and we almost had to stump up the case for the hire car. Thankfully, after the court paperwork was completed and submitted, the other side did stump up.

What kind of insurance makes you pay? That’s the whole point of insurance isn’t it?

BTW EN-US speakers - “garage” in this case means “bodyshop” or “in for service.” Been living west of the Atlantic too long and took this to mean leaving your keys and air tag in the car when it was parked in the garage at your home. Which in EN-UK is also a “garage”.

I’m not sure about these AirTags. Two of them are attached to cases which, currently, are a few hundred miles away at a different facility. Which they/Apple identify as being several doors away from where the tags actually were left. A third tag is attached to my keys – which I can see now about 20 feet away from where I’m sitting. Find My reports that my keys cannot be found anywhere. (It’s possible, not likely, that my keys fell into another dimension.)

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Pay for the hire car replacement during the works, not for the repairs to your car, which in fairness was vastly inflated costs.

Yeah, I wasn’t to impressed when I found out.

Have you turned on the inter-dimensional tracking feature in Preferences? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes it is Auxillis! BMW set the ball rolling as it’s obvious that it wasn’t my fault. I wasn’t even in the car. The guy has admitted it, there’s dash cam, CCTV footage and a written statement from the gym receptionist that he handed his business card to after he’d hit the car. Auxilis car already in my possession as my car.