Lens Cap (my new app)

I hope it’s ok to post this quickly, but I’m excited that after 89 days and 12 hours in App Review (yes, really), my favourite little app has been approved and released :partying_face:

The problem to be solved: I’m a teacher and if a student got hold of my phone and took photos with it, I’d be in a whole load of bother. But disabling the camera on iPhone is clunky, especially with it being so easy to use from the lock screen.

Lens Cap provides a beautiful UI to let the user disable the camera app using the built-in Family Controls, and re-enable at will. By disabling the camera app, photos cannot be taken from the lock screen, so the user needs to be able to open your phone to take a photo, not just pick it up and swipe.

You can also set a schedule or use a shortcut to block/unblock the camera (I linked to my school ID card’s RF chip, so I scan that when I swipe in everyday).
It’s a $2 app, but free for the first 2 days.



This is really clever. I love being able to just pick up my phone and take a picture.

But I also sometimes take goody selfies with the phones of friends and family when I find them lying around… :eyes: I can only imagine what trouble could transpire in a school or some other settings.

Yes, my brother-in-law has been doing selfies on random cameras around the world since 1990!
Back then, the family would only find out months later when they developed their film (at least he only did ott grins)

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Congratulations on your launch.

My daughter was a teacher for a while and she was given a lot of advice about how to use/not use social media, how to lock down their computers etc. It strikes me this is a real bonus to teachers and others for whom the consequences of unauthorised use of their kit can go far beyond just the act itself.

I’m tempted. My daughter keeps using my phone to take close-up photos of my beautiful dog. They make her nose look enormous.

(It never occurred to me what kids would get up to at school. I imagine a dog’s snout is nothing by comparison.)


Congratulations! Way to persevere. What was their big objection in app review?

They didn’t have one…it was just silence for 6 weeks, then they responded to a query saying they were still looking at it, then suddenly it was approved.
(edit: approved after a further 6 weeks)

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