Less a tech problem and more seeking insight

Ok, I become my inlaws tech support as we convinced them to move to iOS phones/devices. Most of the time it’s fine, but apparently one of their kinfolk has been complaining of these HEIC images. So my inlaws want me to make their phones send JPG instead.

Easy enough. i can do that relatively quickly. But… beyond making it easier for their kinfolk to see pictures or whatever, do they lose anything (well, beyond smaller file size and better quality pictures) by switching to JPG?

My limited google search didn’t show anything specifically lost, but I figured I’d ask the hive mind here.


Do they have “live” photos or burst shots? They’ll lose those (unless they get converted to another format; not sure how it works when you switch). HEIC is a container that can store those unlike JPG which is a straight image.

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I don’t think they do, but it’s worth asking.


I have the camera app set to store High Efficiency images and have the Photos app set to Automatic for Transfer to Mac or PC.

I haven’t had reports of issues from family members or work colleagues so either this works for them or they’re all just running hardware that can open HEIF/HEVC files.

As long as you’re viewing Apple-formatted images on Apple devices or compatibles, you’re okay. But my understanding is that HEIC/HEIF images still are not supported by the IMG tag in HTML so they can’t be shown directly on the web without being converted. This may change at some point. But for now JPG is far and away the most compatible of image formats. And it is an easy change to make in your Apple camera’s settings. How to Save Photos in JPG Format on iPhone | NDTV Gadgets 360