Lets talk about your favorite iOS apps on your M1 Mac

My winners so far:

Apollo reddit app
TextTool 2
GV Connect (finally a google voice app for the desktop!!!)
Dark Sky
Pixelmator Photo

Amazon Prime is nasty. It makes you reset your password everytime you login from the iOS app on the mac. Deleted.

Which ones have you found that really function well in the macOS environment?


Apollo may be the most dangerous thing ever to have on a Mac, hence the reason I have strictly forbade myself from downloading it.


drafts (macOS) —> url scheme —> GV Connect (iOS) is really nice for google voice texting on the M1.

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Overcast :heart_eyes:
Also, Dark Noise


Overcast also gets a thumbs up from me.

FoodNoms is also handy - it’s now fully replaced MyFitnessPal and I’m finding I’m actually using it now.

I have never liked overcast. when I tried it, the number of unplayed episodes to keep was weird… the number I wanted was missing and there was no way to enter it. and marco is a huge whiner so thats a negative also. :grinning: I use Downcast on IOS and it has always had a native macOS version that syncs wonderfully with iOS.


I came to Overcast from Pocketcasts, as that synced on Android and iPhone but I ran in to issues with syncing. Overcast hasn’t given me any issues. I haven’t tried the default Podcasts app to be fair, but may well be suitable.

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I’ve had the Overcast web app as a Fluid menu bar app for years…my conclusion has been that I rarely have time to use my Mac and listen to podcasts simultaneously.

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I’ve only recently discovered that Overcast had an online web app, after seeing a link somewhere here to a Nested Folders episode.

So Apollo just showed an update available through the mac appstore and updated just like a mac app even though I “sideloaded” it because it was not listed as a hybrid app. This just gets more and more interesting.

one of my workflows while reading the news with fiery feeds is texting interesting articles to friends with gvconnect thru the url scheme. that is now available on the mac also. love it.


Netflix has an app for the Mac??

yes, they just don’t know it.

whoa. Launch Center Pro in my macOS dock. All those one click actions now on my Mac. :star_struck: :star_struck:


Netflix knows it now. The app will quit as soon as it is launched on an M1 Mac.

I have the eero app, Words With Friends, Overcast, and the Google Voice app.

Was there ever a problem with streaming Netflix through Safari? I don’t see much of a need for the app.

The app would allow downloads so you can view offline - ideal for a MacBook. I don’t think the web version permits that?

There are no alternative offline download methods?

what version of Netflix are you running? v13.2 is still working fine on my M1…

I encourage you to check out GV Connect. The developer is fantastic, pro-active, and very responsive to any issue. It also fully supports TextExpander (fill-in snippets for texts, yay!)…

This may be the perfect time to endorse using iMazing to back up your .ipa files (iOS apps) on your mac. That way, when app developers decide they don’t want you running their app on your mac and try to enforce it with an update, you can override their decision by installing the previous version that worked fine on your mac.

This is the way.

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