LG Ultrafine displays in Apple Stores?

Hey folks! Are the LG Ultrafine displays still sold in Apple Stores? I was looking at replacing an iMac with one of those and the new 16" MBPs (I miss having everything on one machine), but the Ultrafines aren’t in stock and won’t ship until Christmas. (I can pick up the MBP today.)

I know that Apple will carry different specs of the MBPs in stores, and if you’re lucky you’ll get what you want. But are these Ultrafines ever available in store anymore?

Nowhere within 200 miles of me.
Probably best to call a nearby store and ask.

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I’ve just been in the market for one of these, and stock seems to be very low everywhere.

I don’t know if that means they are about to come out with something new or not.

I found one on Amazon, bought it, and it’s been out of stock ever since!

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I was just looking at these today. Best Buy, B&H and Adorama also don’t have any, so I don’t think you’ll find one at an Apple store unless one is misreporting its inventory online.

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So what you’re saying is that this is your fault? Dang. I wish you let me know you before you bought the last one!

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They are still being sold on the Canadian Apple Store.

I checked stores near Toronto, and they seem to have long back order times similar to the US stores, unfortunately.

Yeah, I’ve got the same problem in the stores near me too. Nothing till Christmas (near the Burlington store).

This may not be entirely accurate. I saw a similar 4-6 week wait time purchasing from Apple (Canada) in October, but after I completed the checkout process, it already shipped by the next day and I had it within a couple days. Not sure if I just got lucky or their inventory was inaccurate.

Sorry / Not Sorry?

I will encourage you to do what I did:

  1. Go to https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-27md5kl-b-5k-uhd-led-monitor

  2. Click on “Notify me when available”

    2.a Set up a special alert in your email system for the Subject line: “Your Product is Back in Stock at LG.com

  3. When you get the email, go to Amazon.com and see if it’s available there

  4. If no, buy from LG.com :slight_smile:


Oh, that’s interesting. I wonder if it’s a fluke? Tempted to order now, but also I’m just tempted to see what Apple does with displays over the next year. (“It’ll be better next year,” etc.)

They talked about similar “early” deliveries on ATP in a recent episode. It seems Apple is fairly conservative (i.e., underpromise, overdeliver) with shipping windows.

You could just order now and if nothing happens in the next couple weeks, cancel the order.

Meanwhile, my AirTags are somewhere between Hong Kong and Canada tied up in UPS “mechanical issues.”

Okay, I found out there are a few 5Ks in the states. If there’s one in stock, it won’t show up in the Apple Store site or app, but it does show up on the store employee view, which gives a hint where to call to reserve one (or they can help you check out.)

Only three of the stores within 100 miles of me had one available.

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