Lightning-3.5mm headphone adapter for iPhone XR

I was looking at the reviews for these adapters on Apple’s website. The reviews are very bad. It’s hard to believe Apple would sell something that has such bad quality. I then looked at amazon, and several of these adapters are listed for older iPhones only.
I find I put hard to believe that these adapters are not standardized and would not be compatible with any iPhone that has a lightning connector.

If you have ordered these adapters, where did you order them from?


I have a bunch of these from Apple. They work with every Lighting device that I have, including an iPhone X. I have no complaints.

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Any Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Audio adapter should work with any iOS device with a Lightning port. It simply pulls the digital audio stream from the port and converts it to an analog signal.

I have seen measurements of the adapter confirming that the signal output is EXACTLY the same as you get from recent iPhones with the built-in jack. It is probably built using the same components, so audio quality will be equal to the iPhone.

Of course, the adapter is tiny and not very rugged. Long time reliability will be an issue unless you treat it carefully. (Just like most wired headphone plugs, come to think of it.)

I’ve had absolutely no issues either for several years. I suspect the reviews are so negative because people don’t like the idea of a dongle, not because the dongle doesn’t work. I can’t vouch for 3rd party, but the Apple ones–which are honestly the cheapest I can find anywhere–have worked with me with no issues. Just picked up several more.

Only complaint I’d have is they’re easy to lose!

I bought one that charges and passes audio to a headphone jack. It got a bad rating but it came from an AT&T store. They said it had a warranty for a year I think. I use it to charge overnight and listen while I sleep. It is always charged in the morning. The power cycles on and off a lot so I may be taking it back.
I returned it to at&t. Told them it has a year warranty. New person said yes but that’s an Apple product. I indignantly told her It’s Belkin. Her more experienced colleague said to just replace it. I assume I will have to replace it in another 4 months. Oh well.

The negative reviews I’m referring to are about quality- the adapters didn’t last.