Lightning charger, headphone jack

I’ve been looking for a gizmo with which I can simultaneously listen to and charge my iPhone XS. I didn’t think I needed one but I’m doing a lot of traveling and this could be useful. The ones on Amazon range from looking cheap, comments don’t match the product or somewhat expensive. Any recommendations?

Bluetooth headset, maybe?

I believe that you can use the wireless charging while the headphones are plugged in. A charge pad would be an extra bit of gear to lug about although, you can get battery packs with wireless chargers in them now, so if you were traveling with a battery pack anyway…!?

I’m referring to something like this:

It’s relatively small to pack and I could charge and listen on an airplane. I have Airpods but prefer not to risk traveling with them.

I can recommend this as a highly reliable solution - unfortunately still requires the lightning audio dongle unless you just want to use lightning headset. I bought this when I got my iPhone 7 and used it about 5 times until AirPods came out and I’ve not touched it since.


When I got my iPhone 8+ I bought one of the adapters. It was an inexpensive white square one. It worked for a short time and then I started getting static out of the headphone jack. I broke down and purchased the more expensive Belkin one. A year latter the Belkin one is working with no issues and I use it every night to charge my phone and sometimes listen to music before falling a sleep. I can highly recommend the Belkin one.

I checked Fakespot for the one you liked and it didn’t fair very well. Your milage may vary with it as I have no experience with that particular one.

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Oh and I just found out they have this too, if you don’t want to use the dongle and never use included lightning EarPods.

After years of trying all sorts of lightning accessories from the Hong Kong electronics markets sold at a fraction of the price of real stuff I have given up and only buy and use stuff that is MFI certified.

Thanks for the tip—I found one on EBay for $28 . Free delivery. Just ordered it.

I am very glad to know about Fakespot. . .I have the same reticence about ‘off-brand-accessories.