Lightning data/charge splitter for car dock

Hey everyone! I’m going on a road trip fairly soon, and I’m looking for a solution to give me steering wheel controls and audio into my car’s head unit from my iphone while charging.

currently it has an old-school 30 pin iPod cable which I have a 30 pin to lighting adapter on. This works great, but it doesn’t allow me to charge my phone concurrently.

So my question is, is there a splitter that will allow me to use the iPod functionality (steering wheel track controls, song title/artist/album info) and give me the ability to charge?

I’m assuming your standard lightning splitters only split the power and audio functionalities, and those wouldn’t work. Anyone else have a similar situation in which they have found a solution?

I looked at the Belkin lightning splitter (the only one I would recommend) and I agree that I don’t think it will do what you want. If your iPhone is an 8 or newer, you could use Qi charger in your car leaving your lightning port free on your iPhone. It wouldn’t be a fast charge but it would at least supply some charging.

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Unfortunately, I have an iPhone SE, so wireless charging isn’t an option. :frowning:

I’m pretty sure the Belkin (with dual lightning) will work in this application. It’s going to be a mess of dongles however!

thanks, but that one says right in the description that It does not support any sort of data or sync, with is needed to connect to a docking station.

If you can return it give it a shot. After all audio to the dongle/lightning headset is data…