Lightning headphone dongle alternative ...?

Every now and then we go on a trip where we’d like some iPhone-based music, and the car only has a 3.5mm input - so it’s a trip to dongletown for us. The little dongle Apple makes seems to be pretty fragile, so I’m just wondering if anybody has found a third-party option that’s significantly better.


This Anker adapter looks solid.

I would rather install a third party head unit, though.

If it were for more than several trips per year, and if the car were a newer vehicle, that’s the route I’d probably be taking as well.

As-is though, the infrequent usage doesn’t (IMHO) justify throwing that kind of money at the problem.

I’ve done that in the past but all I need these days is an amp & speakers. On short solo trips I wear earbuds. On longer trips and/or when I have a passenger I plug my iPhone or iPP into the stock radio.

This method does include a couple of “unsightly wires” but insures I’ll have the latest technology.

There are a number of Bluetooth receivers for about the same money as a cable.

I used a different model in my van (with one of those ridiculous built in radios, but no one would want to steal it).

I use a Bluetooth adapter (not sure what to call it.) I got it at Five Below, it was around $5. Plugs right into my aux outlet. It actually works really good, I’m very shocked, had it for 6 months so far no issues.