Lightning to USB-C Adaptor Plug?

hey MPU,

Now that the iPhone is now USB-C, I am trying to purge most of my lightning cables or devices. Just 2 old iPads that the kids use for fun stuff, but it’s okay because it’s out of my office. LOL.

I bought these for the mini van, so it’s easy to put a USB-C wire for iPhone charging…which leaves just one thing left to fix.

I use the Apple Keyboard and Magic Mouse with my Mac Mini at the desk. I always have a lightning wire plugged into the CalDigit that can be used when needed.

Since I don’t know how many more years when the next update from Apple regarding the Keyboard, Mouse, and Trackpad will be…has anyone come across an adapter for usb-c to lightning? A small plug that I can just keep plugged into the keyboard / trackpad.

OR…am I the only one still using the Apple Mouse / Trackpad / Keyboard :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I have some USB-C to lightning cables that I got from either Amazon or Monoprice. I use the color matched cable, keyboard, and mouse that came with my M1 iMac.

I got this cable recently and it has been working well.

MJEMS USB C Multi Fast Charging Cable PD 60W Nylon Braided Cord 4-in-1 3A USB/C to Type C/Phone Fast Sync Charger Adapter Compatible with Laptop/Tablet/Phone

I bought these a week ago. So far, they work like expected.

Thanks for posting the link. I looked at the one you linked - it is only for charging. I can’t use for Car Play, Keyboard, etc - not sure if this is important to you or others.

Oh, well…I guess that’s all that I’ve needed it for. I have a USB-C cable coming out of my OWC dock for charging my keyboard and random other things. I was tired of having to hunt down a lightning cable to charge my phone or trackpad. With those adapters, I can use the one cable for all of my desktop charging needs. They work well enough for that.

Yes - exactly how I wanted to use the adapter. Does the keyboard work while the cable with this adapter is attached? (Like when I want to charge keyboard while using the keyboard.) I have the Apple Magic Keyboard.

I’ve got a Logitech keyboard, so I can’t say how the Apple keyboards work. My Apple trackpad works while it is plugged in and charging, though.

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