Lightweight app to trim videos

Hi all

I’m looking for a recommendation of a lightweight video editing app to trim and edit videos.

There used to be a great little app in the App Store called Shave Video that did EXACTLY what I need, but although I did pay for it, last update was YEARS ago and the developer’s website is long gone.

I used is for some “archived” content - converted videos from old VHS tapes, programs from television that are no longer available anywhere etc

The 3 key things it did were;

  • Trim video - cut the beginning and end from a video
  • Trim sections from the middle of videos (ad breaks)
  • Join together several clips

I know I can trim videos with Quicktime although its a cumbersome workflow and saves as a new clip etc. I also don’t want a heavy app like Final Cut Pro or iMovie - I don’t want to create projects, add effects and titles etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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What about iMovie? That’s what I use

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I can’t imagine anything much lighter weight than Quicktime.
It’s simple to cut out bits, trim, join. Yes, you have to save as a new file, but otherwise fits the bill and you should be able to overwrite the original anyway.
edit: that’s a link to a quick video demo I recorded.

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Trimming is built into Quick Look. It even has the replace button you wanted.

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This Is the Way:

It’s not beautiful, but it’s free and simple, and can definitely do the trimming that you need.

For joining clips, I generally use ffmpeg and / or Permute from the same guy that wrote Downie, but I think LosslessCut may be able to do that too.

At any rate, definitely a worthy tool for your tool belt. I use it every week when editing the Zoom video we get from our worship service.


Personally I would go with iMovie because we all get it for free and there is always that one more thing you often need to do - eg add a still, a bug, an audio fade or black frame etc.

Thanks for the video - the split function wasn’t as intuitive as Shave Video but got the job done. Only saw the handles to trim from start and finish until I played

One done - many to go :slight_smile:

Looks interesting - I’ve worked out how to do what I want in Quicktime but will keep in mind