Limited-capacity, secure cloud sync

I have a client that has some simple Excel files they’d like to sync between locations. No EDITING will be happening anywhere but on one main computer, but everybody else needs to be able to view. Basically a “somebody at location Y should be able to pull up the current info as soon as it’s edited at location X” sort of thing.

The thing is, these spreadsheets contain business financials. While not horribly sensitive, it would be ideal if the sharing were reasonably secure.

I know this could be done with Dropbox, but I’m not super-excited about the idea that it’s theoretically accessible to anybody with access to Dropbox’s servers.

Is there another option I should be looking at?

Syncthing perhaps? Everything gets synced, but is not in the cloud. might work for this project.

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Another idea: even the cheapest Synology will work for this if there’s a reasonable amount of clients. Set it up at the central location and then set up the Synology Drive client elsewhere (including on mobile). This also leaves everything under your control with nothing stored in somebody else’s cloud.

See the Software specs tab for any of the models for a maximum recommended number of concurrent clients for Synology Drive; for example for the DS223, it’s 200, and even for the cheapest 2-bay unit, DS223j, it’s also 200:

Came here to suggest this but you already have, so I’m seconding it instead.

Personally, if I’m dealing with sharing sensitive information, I wouldn’t use a self hosted solution unless a dedicated IT team who’ll keep it secure.

Agree on self-hosting, but for some teams and projects that might still be an option which is why I mentioned a NAS solution.

OTOH Syncthing mentioned above is free, secure, open source, requires minimal management after setup, and is not storing any data in the cloud whatsoever.

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