Limiting Recent Files

Is there any way to limit the applications that will show recent files in the app menus or is it all-or-none? For example, I use Word almost exclusively for business documents, some of which are proprietary. I don’t want any documents to show up in the Files>Recent selection. However, I find this function very handy in other apps. I would like to see an option “do not show recent files for these apps” that would let you exclude apps from the feature.



I believe this is a system-level feature, so you can only set it globally.

If this was a thing I needed, I’d remap ⌘Q using Keyboard Maestro to choose the:

File » Recent » Clear Recent

menu item (or equivalent), but of course it’s not as bulletproof.

This is either controlled by the application or System Preferences > General: Recent Items

Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 12.06.25 PM

For example, BBEdit keep track of its own recent items. TextEdit honors the system setting. Word honors the system setting too.