Lingon X (Mac app)

I was flicking through MacWorld UK today and I stumbled upon a recommendation for Lingon X, an app that allows easy configuration for scheduling of scripts and shortcuts. It also, according to the article, allows much more fine grained control of login items than the systems preferences, and shows things that are started at login that don’t appear in the User prefs.

Does anyone have experience with this app?

I’ve started the trial and it seems really simple to use, and I can think of a lot of uses for weekly scheduled shell scripts and running shortcuts at regular intervals, without the hassle of using the terminal to set them up.

Are there any issues with the stability or reliability of the app?

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Hello Rob

I am using Lingon 3 which is the version available on the Mac store. For my needs, the developer suggested this version is appropriate. At this point, I use Lingon 3 to periodically launch safari with a link that updates my ip address with NextDNS. The possibilities are endless but that is what I am using it for. Context here

The developer is very helpful and app is stable. Have had no issues. Have been using it since Jan 2022


I’ve used this for years. I’ve never had an issue with it. Yes, you could do what you want from the terminal. But even as a long-time Unix sysadmin I don’t want to do that. This is a nice front end for scheduled tasks.

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Thanks for the replies. I really like the app and feel more reassured that some folk on here have used it before with success.

It seems like an awesome find, really powerful and easy to use.

If I remember right @drdrang has experience with Lingon, might search his blog. I’ve used it once or twice in the past and I believe it worked fine.

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Used it for years. Can do all that it does using terminal commands, and sometimes I do. But LingonX is a nice front-end to those system settings.

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@ibuys is right, I did use Lingon several years ago. It started giving me trouble (I don’t remember the specifics), and I switched to LaunchControl. This means nothing regarding LingonX today; I know people who use it and are happy.

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