Link in markdown?

I write my preparation for classes in drafts in markdown and then I copy them to the schools system.

But each time I copy a link over then I have to select the link and make it a clickable link.

Is it possible for me to write in markdown a link in a way that will be available in the school’s system as a clickable link immediately?

Hope that makes sense?

You could try converting your markdown to rtf or html, then pasting that into the course management software.

You could do the conversion using pandoc at the command line, or the export function of your markdown editor, or perhaps Marked2 or some other utility.

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No need for pandoc. Drafts has built in actions to copy your markdown as html or rtf.

Try using one of those.

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Hi @andreasl. If you have Keyboard Maestro, then this might help: Create Rich Link from Markdown Link - Macro Library - Keyboard Maestro Discourse

I’m only on iPad and iPhone unfortunately

Okay @andreasl, you could to do a similar conversion with Shortcuts. This MacStories article covers the topic in great detail:

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I’m only on an iPad. Don’t have a Mac anymore

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The copy html didn’t work for some reason. And I don’t think the course software reads html and converses it. It’s rich text.

I couldn’t find the copy markdown as rich text in the Drafts action catalogue though. You got it at hand?

I downloaded these. Doesn’t seem to do what I want which is just to have the links converted when copied so they would work immediately in the educational software. Or am I missing something here?

@andreasl, without knowing the details of your workflow, it’s hard to say. I might be able to help if you describe your current manual process (and include the iOS apps you are using for each step).

So I write my entire week’s preparation in one Drafts note and then I select and copy each single lesson and copy it over to the education software.

Once in there I have to select the links in the preparation and then make them clickable links so the students can click them. That happens by again selecting the link and selecting the link tool in the educational software

I’m looking for a way to write the preparation in Drafts in such a way that one I copy the lesson over manually to the education software the link is already clickable so I don’t have to go through and make the link clickable after

Sorry! I missed the tags on your original post.

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If you don’t find the answer here, there is a great community over at the Drafts forum:

including the developer. I’m sure someone there might be able to help. Unfortunately I don’t use this feature myself so I’m not sure what to recommend.

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The markdown notation for a link appears to be [link-text](url). Is that what you’re looking for?

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The educational software does not recognise Markdown. I guess it recognises rich text and the code to make a link clickable in rich text is what I’m looking for. Then it should be immediately clickable if I when I write in Drafts insert the link in rich text and copy that over. If that makes sense?

So I guess I’m asking. What is the code that will make links clickable in rich text?

Apparently it’s this ugly thing.

{\field{\*\fldinst HYPERLINK ""}{\fldrslt Google}}

Just tried insert that in the educational platform. Didn’t work. What am I doing wrong

Try copying a working link from one of your RTF docs and paste it into Drafts

Rosemary Orchard solved this by suggesting that I copy the preview in Drafts and insert that. It worked!! She’s amazing :blush:

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And THAT’s why I use Markdown and not RTF!