Link to items in Photos

My workflows generally call for linking items across apps (e.g., linking to a Bear or Drafts note from a Things task, or vice versa). Is there any way to link to items in a Photos library (namely individual photos)?

I know about iCloud shared links, but these are (1) short-lived, and (2) don’t link to the original item in your own actual library.

I’m quite surprised, but yes, there is.
Hook will do that.

Here’s a link to a photo in Photos that I pasted in NotePlan, as a test.

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I downloaded it, John! Sounds very cool. Can’t find any instructions. Can you point me in the right direction? It didn’t show up on my share sheet.

Hook has extensive support pages and how-to videos

it took me a few hours to get into the rhythm of using the keyboard shortcut (ctrl-shift-cmd-c (set in Hook preferences)) , but once it did it became second nature.

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The keyboard shortcuts were the thing that was keeping me from using Hook more. I realized that, in general, shortcuts using just the control key were underutilized on Macs, so I redefined them:
Ctrl-c to copy a hook link
Ctrl-v to paste a hook link
Ctrl-h to open Hook
Ctrl-m copy markdown link

I shared these with Luc, who added the last one to Hook recently, but no shoutout :expressionless:

Anyway, ctrl-c, ctrl-v is much more fluid for me.


Interesting, thanks! I was really hoping for something native and usable on iOS, but it’s interesting to know that there is at least some AppleEvents API or something to see the ID of the current photo, and to open a photo, in order for Hook to be able to do this.

Awesome idea @JohnAtl

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How did you set this one?

I now have ctrl-c to copy hook link, ctrl-m for markdown link, but can’t find an option to set ctrl-v?

These are my settings:

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 10.07.21 AM

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got it, thanks! (20 char)

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Thanks for this suggestion, John. I, too, found I wasn’t using Hook despite my best intentions. Using these keyboard shortcuts, instead of always invoking the main Hook interface, has removed that little bit of friction and now I’m using Hook much more.

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