Links to training on Voice Control., Customized Voice Control Commands

Dragon Naturally speaking had a lot of documentation and training guides. Voice Control, not so much.

I would love to see a video of someone using their mac primarily with their voice,

I would love to see what other custom commands others have created .

Any videos or web sites that have good info on using Voice Control

I posted some comments a while back here.

I have done some web searching and yes it seems that Sal Soghoian is only person who has gone into any detail on Voice Control. He does have some videos demonstrating its use and also some custom commands mostly in regard to OmniFocus and OmniOutliner.

As I think I discussed in my post, (link above) my main irritants with Voice Control are;

  • It falls out of command mode quite frequently - and if you only use Voice Control for Voice Commands this is particularly annoying.

  • Similar to early days with shortcuts it is not possibly to “group” custom commands, though I have created a crude hack to indirectly achieve this.

You possibly will not get to see many customer command examples as Voice Control sits on top of other automation. What I find particularly useful is using a Voice Command to activate an “Apple Shortcut” or a Keyboard Maestro Macro (activating via URL).

I have found Voice Commands to be a real step up in my computing, but it still seems to be an under the radar function.

If you are interested in the dictation side of Voice Control a selected list of commands is listed here.

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