Liquid: write, cite and produce academic documents

Liquid (not LiquidText) has a suite of products, including a word processor, PDF viewer, and Liquid for online research and translation. They all work together, and the demos are impressive.
Seems to be suited to the humanities, rather than scientific writing.

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It looks pretty interesting. I’m not really submitting papers yet to publication, but more writing for my Ph.D. program, but I’m all in on iOS. My only Mac currently is the first generation MacBook and it is so slow now, that I hate having to get on it and love using my iPad Pro. I’ve been doing my citation management using Zotero and their web interface / API.

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Welcome fellow PhDer!
If I weren’t using Bookends, Zotero would be my choice too. I mostly use Macs, and my iPad Pro is for media consumption and doomscrolling.

Looks interesting! Thanks for sharing.