LiquidText just launched sync service

1GB storage for £9 per month. Sigh.

I’m not sure what the sync service provides for the money. With the most recent release I can save .ltproj project files and PDFs in iCloud on the iPad then open them on the desktop. Sure, it’s not “sync”, but file storage gets me to the same end point.

I’ve been doing the same with Dropbox for years. But it’s pretty cumbersome to keep track which projects have been exported, changed, and etc.

I guess most common users in the Apple ecosystem expect something like iCloud sync without manual interventions. Instead of providing that, because of “technical reasons”, yada yada, they opted to milk this basic needs for seamless syncing.

As for the “real time” part of the sync, I would imagine a local networking based solution to be much more reliable than routing changes through their servers. But again they need to justify building a complex system and charging a premium.

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Won’t be many takers. LT was first of its kind that I purchased but through the years they lack innovation, updates and not improved their UI. Stopped using LT ages ago.

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