Little Games ? ios

Not much of a gamer… I play Free Cell and the like.

Recently, I downloaded Diced from Agile Tortoise, a quick paced game. A doctor’s office waiting room game… Phone or iPad…

Any favorites of your own? A particularly refined version of Sudoku? Or?

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Not a big gamer myself, but love these to kill the time

Alto’s Odissey
Monument Valley

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Another non-gamer, but my indulgence is Threes

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Since you’re not much of a gamer– try Shades. I enjoy it!

Oh I have a folder of these! And yet I usually find myself automating something instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Mini Metro can be more complex, but it’s also fun to dip in and out of. Dots is one of my favourites for some reason - with Strata coming a close second!