Little Static Sparks on MBP

hello gang -

Anyone get little “sparks” on the 16" M1 MBP when plugging in a USB C drive or a HDMI cable? I get them nearly every time. Tried it with laptop open, closed, plugged in, not plugged in. Doesn’t seem to matter.

Guess it’s time for a dock


I’ve got a 14” and haven’t had any issues with any cables. I use it with multiple docks, drives, and multiple HDMI setups. May be worth checking it at an apple store.

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perhaps you can check your power socket earthing to see whether it is intact and in good conducitivity to ground, may need a sparky (electrician)


Yeah, accept it happens on bus powered drives using battery power. I do have the monitor plugged into a battery backup/surge protector, But I will double check the ground.

Why does “Little Static Sparks” sound like David’s hip-hop alter ego? :slight_smile:

To the OP’s point, it sounds to me like something isn’t properly grounded - or there’s static in the room somehow. I wouldn’t necessarily expect a dock to fix the problem, unless the laptop is always connected to the dock.

Also noting that you can absolutely have an improper ground in a battery-powered or bus-powered device.


I’ve definitely had this, and also on my OWC docks. When the conductive sleeve of a USB-A plug contacts the metal body of the computer/dock it can spark. I’ve not paid attention to the specifics of what does it and what doesn’t, it’s just something I’ve seen multiple times.

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Not a random one, though. One who understands Macs. Like a MacSparky.

Seriously, though, I agree.

It’s possible that the socket may not be seated correctly. I’d take it to an Apple store.


Yeah. I’ll make an appointment to have it checked out.

Thanks everyone.