Live Text is Awesome: An Example

Our dog unexpectedly died two days ago while boarding at the vet while we were away on vacation. He was 12 years old and apparently had an aggressive form of cancer that had developed recently. I have had a dog my entire life–including a German Shepherd, Lab, Golden Retriever, Huskey, and smaller dogs like a Yorkiepoo and more. Without a doubt, the dog that died was the best I’ve ever owned. Needless to say, it was a sad day when the vet called to give us the bad news. I’m already in the market for a new “best friend”.

This is relevant to this forum because coincidently the day after his death I was in the store and saw a plaque with a wonderful message about what dogs can teach us about life. I was able to take a picture while in the store and select the text using Live Text. This is a wonderful feature!

MY DOG taught me everything i need to know. its okay
sometimes to just eat and sleep. when you fall down get
back up. shake it off. forget about it. and go on. be very
brave no matter your size. make your own fun. unleash
your talents. learn new tricks no matter your age. make new
friends. sniff out opportunities. chase after your dreams.
when loved ones come home always run to greet them. at
the end of the day it is best to snuggle no matter what has
happened. every day is a brand new day just to be happy. Author Unknown


@Bmosbacker Really sorry for your loss. As a fellow dog owner (we have three currently, one of whom is 12), I fully understand your pain.

I often think we don’t deserve dogs, but I’m certainly glad they are in our lives. They truly embody goodness in this world.


I agree about live text, but that is terrible news about your boy. I’m so sorry.

My condolences @Bmosbacker. We sometimes talk about how hard it will be when our dog dies (hopefully many years from now).

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If you think that Live Text is awesome, check this out!

@Bmosbacker Sorry for your loss. Been through a few of these as I have grown up, never easy. But have found that some little piece of the loss is replaced by a new furry friend — all the best with your search.

Thank you. I agree, in many ways dogs do represent what is good, a good that should be more often reflected in our lives.

Thank you. I’m trying to focus on the blessing he was rather than my loss.

Thank you, I will be picking up my new best friend in a week. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I hope it is a very long time for you. I had 12 wonderful years with Charlie.

Tough one @Bmosbacker. Sometimes I wish we had a Pembrokeshire Corgi, we never will though I don’t think.

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Sorry to hear that @Bmosbacker. We have a wonderful 12 yo Cocker Spaniel.

Live text is awesome - I’ve used it to quickly and reliably copy hymn and book extracts to PowerPoint. It even was useful in accurately copying the (very long) WiFi password from the back of the router.

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Very sorry for your loss. We almost lost our 6 year old lab mix while on vacation last year but he fully recovered. Still not sure what happened. Dogs are the best. Maybe the only thing I miss about working in an office is him running to meet me when I come home. Of course now I can just go walk him whenever I want, but still. Anyway, my condolences and good luck with the new pup.

Thanks @kevin4. He was a good dog. I’ve returned to the office but in the spring of 2020 he enjoyed me working from home. At times he’d insist on laying on my desk in my study while I worked. I pick up the new puppy in a few days. I’ll start obedience training her on day one starting with focus and control and housebreaking.