Load content directly

I have searched the forum and there is nothing recent. I have Googled and the solution does not work. I find the necessity of clicking ‘load content directly’ on Apple Mail very annoying. I am not worried about privacy (no state secrets here). I have tried all the options in the privacy settings (showing the most recent, just as an example). Any ideas?

In Settings → Mail → Privacy Protection, turn off “Protect Mail Activity.”

Thanks for responding. In the screenshot that I included, protect mail activity is turned off.


Did you try turning off “Hide IP Address”? I remember I had this problem too and I ended up with all three turned off.

That worked!! Thanks so much. . .I’m sure the privacy settings are for our own protection but I want to see the content often enough that having to click to load it was very aggravating.

Yeah, maybe. Apple seems to be taking a rather “ham-handed approach” (as someone else said recently) to security issues lately but maybe that’s the best they can do. Anyway, glad it worked!