Locate Database in Onyx

I started playing with Onyx and am curious about the “Locate” Database.

  • What is it?
  • How is it different to spotlight?
  • Is it used by other software?

Locate is a Terminal command under Unix for finding files in a search, and in Unix systems gets updated regularly. From what I understand Spotlight is essentially a replacement for it & I’d read years ago that Locate was disabled by default on macOS. According to Joe Kissel’s Take Control of
Maintaining Your Mac

If you want more info on the command type man locate in Terminal


How do you like Onyx? I’ve only heard about it on a podcast where they mentioned using it and an app called App Mangler to remove cruft from Macs. I haven’t tried either.

Never heard of App Mangler. Maybe they were talking about Name Mangler, which is a renaming utility, not a ‘cruft remover’.

Onyx is a great system tool, and it’s free. Try it yourself.

I remember that in unix. That makes sense that it would still be available for MacOS. Guess it’s nothing I’m going to play with at the moment.

Agreed with @bowline, Onyx is great. I had forgotten about it and it helped resolve some issues.

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I found the other app, it was “AppTamer” , not App Mangler. The podcast I heard about it and Onyx on was this Mac Geek Gab Epi 815