Location-based notification without task on iOS?

I often forget to set my watch to the proper activity when I go to the gym. My hack right now is to add a location-based task to Omnifocus that I never check as completed, but that feels a little dirty. I also tried a repeating one, but it also feels hacky.

Is there a way to get a location-based notification on my phone/watch reminding me to start the activity, but without needing an associated task/checkbox?


Try this:

  1. Open the Shortcuts app
  2. Select the Automation tab
  3. Select “Arrive”
  4. Choose your gym’s location
  5. Create a shortcut to run when you arrive

The shortcut could be a notification like you asked for, but you can actually start a workout automatically when you arrive, and then end the workout when you leave! Note I’ve never actually tried this but I will next time I go!


Perfect, thanks!

I’ve set that up. I added a delay at the beginning to leave time for changing. We’ll see how that works out (ahem) on Tuesday.

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