Location-sharing woes

In my family, we all share our location with each other. This is great, because my wife and I have four kids, and it’s very handy to be able to see where everyone is. For this reason, I use the FindMy app a lot, so I eventually decided to make a dashboard on one of my iPhone home screens with a little Contact widget for each member of the family. That way I can easily send a message, call, or just quickly check to see if they are on the train home yet, or still at school. This works great for everyone in the family, except for my daughter. Her phone is sharing its location with me, so if I actively go into FindMy, I can see where she is. But the FindMy widget doesn’t show her location, and neither does the Contacts widget. If I open the Contact page for everyone else in the family, there is a little map, showing their location; but not for my daughter—only if I open FindMy. I have tried everything I can think of, which mostly amounts to turning location sharing off and on on her phone, which makes no difference. Any ideas? I want my clever family location status board to work!

I don’t use the FindMy App very often lately, as I stopped travelling for my job a couple of years ago.
But are there maybe differences, how this is handled by different models of the iPhone?
Do all Family Members have similar Phones?

Only thing I can think of is if she happened to use your Apple ID for some login or other. Before Family Sharing, it wasn’t uncommon to share AppStore login for instance. Sadly, this could confuse the little phone.

I thought about that, but she has an iPhoneSE 2020, which another of my kids also has, so I don’t think it’s that. I did just notice that she isn’t on the very latest OS update, so that might fix it.

That is an interesting idea. It’s very likely that she has used my Apple ID for AppStore login at some point. I know for a fact that my son has done this, because I still need to log in every now and then so he can update apps he bought with my ID, so it is very possible that she has done the same. Now, there is no problem with my son’s phone sharing location, but that doesn’t rule out that Apple ID sharing might have gotten something stuck on her phone. But if it is something like this, then there is probably no hope of fixing it, unless some future OS update shakes out the dust and gets things working again.

The shared Apple-ID normally shouldn’t be the point. I have currently 3 different iPhones on my one, there is no problem with locating them.

Just noting there is a distinction between “shouldn’t” and “isn’t” :slight_smile:

For some reason, Apple’s devices are frequently confusing me and my wife for both AirDrop and FaceTime, even though we are on separate iCloud accounts. I have yet to find the reason for this unexpected behavior.