Lock iPad when disconnected from power

Tl;dr is it possible to lock an iPad when it disconnects from power?

I have an iPad that I’m using as a constant view of my to do list and calendar during the day. I don’t touch it often, so I leave it as set to never lock. My work laptop is a windows laptop which doesn’t have OmniFocus (even the web version doesn’t work when connected to the corporate network).

I have a smart plug attached and turn all the devices on my desk overnight to save power.

I’ve tried to set automation to lock the device once the power on my desk goes off, however I can’t see an option to do this. Nor is there an option to have different turn off display options depending on whether I am connected to power or not.

I’ve created a shortcut that turns Wi-fi and Bluetooth off and sets the brightness to 0%, but it’s not sufficient (0% is still not off, just very dimmed).

Of course I can (and do) lock the device manually, but I sometimes forget and want a more automated solution if possible.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

This might work since you only use the iPad as a dashboard so don’t need the timer to chime. In the Clock app > Timer, set When Timer Ends to Stop Playing. Then create a shortcut that starts a 1 second timer. The iPad should lock when it’s run.


Huh. There does not see. To be an action to sleep display or lock display via Shortcuts.

I would have assumed there was, but FWIW, I don’t know how I would do this either. The closest I could suggest is to enable Low Power Mode as I would assume that will cause the screen to sleep sooner, but that’s not really what you’re after.

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This actually works perfectly!

When disconnected from power, turn on Low Power Mode and the device locks after a short period of time.

When connected to power, turn off Low Power Mode and unlock the device.


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