Lockscren/Homscreen setup drives me nuts

The whole system on how to set up your lockscreen/homescreen is probably the most annoying thing I experienced with Apple products yet. I wonder why there aren’t more complaints about it on the forum. I’m talking about the wallpapers especially. Why can’t I just choose a different wallpaper like I used to? In order to change the lockscreen wallpaper I have to delete the whole thing, in order to change the homescreen one I need to go into the lockscreen. The whole process is counterintuitive and cumbersome.


Not sure what you mean by having to delete the whole thing? To change lock screen wallpaper I go to the lock screen, long press, customize/lock screen/gallery button.

And agreed…cumbersome and too many clicks for sure.

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The worst experience is on an iPad with a home button. I haven’t checked since the GA release, but certainly on the betas, the only way to edit the lock screen was to invoke Control Centre before unlocking, otherwise the unlock immediately took you to the home screen.

I just do it from the Settings app, which seems intuitive to me.
And I have several pairings, which I can switch between.
I quite like it!

Whenever I change the wallpaper on my Lock Screen, I’ve had to create a new, custom Lock Screen setup, including having to set up my widgets again. Is there a way to just change the wallpaper without having to redo your widgets?

I’m not sure what’s issue here. You can go to Settings/Wallpaper and change it like you used to do, individually.

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My beef with it is that it is too easy to get into that state unintentionally. I wish there were a preferences option to opt-out of this feature.

To me it’s very confusing. I can’t just swap the wallpaper or at least I don’t know how. It will create a new lockscreen instead of changing the wallpaper of the old one. It will force me to use the same picture for my homescreen and I have to take many steps to give the homescreen the previous wallpaper back.

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I agree with all of this completely! I was just struggling with this issue this week! I had a home screen wallpaper that I really liked, attempted to update ONLY my lock screen wallpaper, my home screen wallpaper was then automatically changed to a very blurred rendition of the new lock screen, and now I can’t remember where I saved the original home screen wallpaper I was using, so, guess that’s just gone forever now. :angry:

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Ok, I am starting to get it.
I do find I can go in (via Settings, my usual route) and change wallpaper without losing widgets, or change widgets, and if my wallpaper is still in my photo album it has an option to reveal it.

Wallpapers and widgets are linked, but I like that behaviour personally.

So, I think I see the pain points, I just hadn’t hit them because in this case Apple’s It Just Works suited me!

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You can press Customize for each wallpaper then you have an option to pick a photo like previously.

I think it’s a little confusing also. Can you also automatically change pictures that you use for the wall paper? Or you can only do this for the Lock Screen?

Sorry, I don’t know.

I made a lock screen to use photos from a certain album. I was using it and it was fine. But now I added other photos to that album and they won’t show up. Can you not add photos to the album?