Log in to iCloud.com on PC but cannot verify email

I’ve googled like crazy and can find no solution. Apple website have been no help.

I’m on deployment and work many hours in a room where outside electronics are prohibited. We use really crappy Dell computers that are locked down. I’ve been able to log in to icloud.com and take notes, email, calendar. Unable to use Pages or Keynote or Numbers, but at least I’ve got email.

Yesterday it started and it continues now. I go to icloud to login and it asks me for my verification number. I walk outside the building, look at the code on my phone (using a wifi, as there is no cellular signal here in this country). I walk back in and input my verification code.

Here’s the strangeness. It asks me to verify my email address. It has the @me address that I used to sign in as my iCloud for a decade now. No changes. All looks good. I hit ‘continue’ and it tells me that I can only add an @me address that is already on file.

What? I check my iPhone. It is logged into the @me account. I check my iPad and same thing. All good. Sign out of icloud on iPhone and log in again using same @me and password as I attempted on PC. No issues. Logs in fine. I go into Safari app and log in the same way. No issues.

I’ve tried Chrome, Edge, Explorer, and Firefox on the PC. No joy. It keeps asking me to verify the email address and then tell me that I need to use one already on file.

I can find nothing on this in the internet, though if you start typing out the phrase in google, it shows the entire message (meaning it must be hitting more than one person who is also looking for a solution).

currently I’m in a mental state to go jump in front of a herd of stampeding camels. Any thoughts or help?

Much thanks.

On your iPhone go to Settings > Name, Phone Numbers, Email and see if there are other email addresses associated with your account. If so use one of those verified addresses.

Thanks for your help Bowline.

I really doubt it. I’ve only ever used the @me and @cloud email for Apple ID, and also the @google for purchase (from the beginning days, remember those?).

But for some reason, I’m unable to open the email settings tab or passwords tab on iPhone. It says ‘icloud unvailable’.

Still, the strange thing is, I KNOW that there are 2 emails associated with the account, and yet both don’t work. If I try the @icloud email, for grins and giggles, it tells me that that @icloud is already taken and to choose another one.

Very weird.

I’d contact Apple about being unable to access iCloud since the real issue seems to be that you cannot log into iCloud period, on any device at this time. Apple System Status says it’s up but DownDetector is noting small recent spikes of people with issues. This does not appear to be temporary thing for you, though.

FYI that iPhone setting lists email addresses alongside phone numbers associated with your account. I personally have 7 email addresses associated (only one of which is my iCloud account), and a couple of phone numbers. If you ever associated a backup Gmail (or whatever) email account it would be there.