Logging in with Apple

I’m starting to see a few more sites give the option to login with Apple. I have a hard time breaking the old model of username/email and password.

Curious about the pros and cons.

If it matters, I use a password manager.

I think using login with Apple is best if your primary access to the site is through either an iOS/iPadOS device or a MacBook with TouchID. On a Mac without TouchID, when it comes time to log in, it boots you to having to enter your keychain password anyway. In that case, it’s just easier for me to create an email/password combo in 1Password anyway. My hope is that Apple is planning some biometric identifier stuff for future desktop Macs.

If the choice is between Google/FB login and Apple login, I go with Apple login every time obviously. But I rarely go back and change my logins to Apple when I see it’s available and generally save it for new accounts.


Thanks. Those definitely are my only devices so perhaps I will shift to that. Will continue to think. Maybe I’ll try it with one or two and see how it goes.

The downside is that since I’m not creating logins in 1pw (and therefore can’t look them up), I may think I don’t have a login for a particular site I’m using for Apple login.

The important bit is that if Apple’s servers go down you may not be able to sign into your account in another service. A lot of people learnt that the hard way when Facebook was down a couple of months ago. You’re basically at the mercy of Apple.
Also, if you (for whatever reason) decided to change your platform you would be at a bit of a disadvantage as Sign In with Apple isn’t nearly as cool on Windows or Android.
I use it every now and then but mostly for non-critical services and apps.

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The lack of 1Pw entries is a definite downside as I sometimes have to guess at whether I don’t have an account or if I have an Apple/Google/FB sign-on. (Been trying to eliminate the latter two, but I may have some still out there.) I wonder if there’s a way to create a dummy 1Pw entry that would say, “Hey, try Sign In with Apple.”

I’ve been on Apple platforms for 40 years now so I’m not switching until they pry it from my cold dead hands. :slight_smile: But as for Apple servers going down, that is a concern, but there’s usually a second way into the account, an equivalent of a password reset.

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I use 1Password and would much prefer to use my own email address as a username rather than rely on Apple.

I have a 1Password Secure Note that reminds me of single sign-on methods to try if I think I have a login and can’t find a 1PW entry.