Login items in Mac OS Ventura

Not sure this will be improved as it is still in beta. I am running beta 13.0 (22A5352e)

the list of login items is good , but some items are ambiguious, like the two that I highlighted below

I typed the name Guilherme Rambo in the App Store and this app came up:

Guilherme Rambo is a well known MacOS / iOS developer and Podcaster, so it might well be an app you installed is by his hand, but is not correctly identified in the beta yet.

Angelo Failla has developed softwre related to Yubikey as far as I am aware, so maybe you have that installed, or something related?

It seems the new beta is not yet able to correctly parse app store entires, or menu bar items.

thanks both, I hope this issue will be fixed before Ventura goes official. Login items idea is not new, just a different packaging in Ventura, not sure why this caused issue here.

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