Login keychain password?

Whenever I restart my laptop, I get this window asking for my “login” keychain password.

I have no idea what password it’s looking for. None of the usual suspects seem to apply (laptop password, iCloud password, etc). I’ve Googled and found solutions to reset it - which I can do, but it doesn’t stick. The next time I power it down, I’ll get the same popup and still not be able to provide the correct password.

The workaround is that I just deny access. It doesn’t seem to impact how the app works, so I’m fine doing that, but I’d really like to know what this mysterious login keychain password is, and why I can’t reset it properly.

That makes me wonder if I just don’t understand what a login keychain password is, or how to use it. In other words, it’s somewhere between the chair and the keyboard. :slight_smile:

It’s also worth noting that I had the same issue on a previous (Intel) MBP, and it’s now on this new M1 machine, too. FWIW, the folks at TechSmith don’t seem to know why this happens either, or how to fix it.

Any ideas?

Do you use a program called SnagIt? Do you see anything named SnagIt or SnagItHelper in your Application folder or in the Activity Monitor list? If you did not install SnagIt yourself, get rid of it where ever you find it and restart the Mac. Check for it again.

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Yes, that’s a legit program that I installed and use. SnagIt works fine, I’m just trying to figure out what the deal is with this login keychain password, and why I can’t reset it.

Keychain is an application in your Utilities folder, which houses passwords. You probably know that. macOS is asking for the password to open the Keychain Application. It is usually your Mac login password.

That’s what it’s supposed to be, but it won’t accept that password.

I did just find a different Mac help article that said if you reset your user password, it will also reset the keychain password. So I did that and rebooted, and it seems to be resolved. No idea why that’s never worked before, but hopefully that was the permanent fix.