Logitech Capture software keeps crashing when I try to record with BRIO webcam?

Love the simplicity of Capture, but every time I try to record video with a Logitech webcam it crashes!
Attempting to use the BRIO for 4k but I have the same problem with C920 -
It worked for a little while on a different mac, then the same problem started again -
Always ends with the error message pictured - I tried contacting Logitech’s support but they’re in shambles atm…

Anyone here run into this problem?
(Thanks in advance!)

Mac OS Catalina 10.15.5

Since its happening on both your webcams perhaps the problem is Capture’s support in Catalina?

Agreed there is really very little support available from Logitech. I myself have a problem I’m trying to solve.

I found this video, perhaps you could try the free software OBS. I’ve been unaware of it prior to the pandemic. It certainly seems worthy of the investment of some time to learn.