Logitech Combo Touch - dead key problem

I purchased a Logitech Combo Touch from Apple, for my 10.6" iPad Pro.

• The apostrophe key was dead. No apostrophe. With shift, I got the double quotation marks, but without shift, I got nothing.
• Returned the keyboard, with a written explanation in the box – I didn’t want it prematurely released back into circulation, and Apple’s site requested no details for the return.
• Ordered a second one, which arrived today: The same problem: no apostrophe! In addition, there is no backslash ( \ ), and no vertical delimiter ( | ). That key is completely dead.

Clearly, there is an issue with the earliest available units. Here are my questions:

  1. Have others on here had a similar experience?
  2. Does anyone have any helpful advice?

Thanks in advance!

I wonder if you might have the wrong keyboard selected. I.e. maybe it is set for another country’s configuration.

Thank you, JohnAlt! By the way, what happened to the missing G? :grinning:

The keyboard selection in Settings is indeed the culprit, but not (in my case) the nationality.

I just got back from the Logitech support form (should have gone there first, huh). According to Logitech, the recent Apple updates have shifted keyboard selection to Auto. I had already changed the software keyboard settings to English QWERTY. However, I had not set the hardware keyboard settings to U.S. It never crossed my mind that the physical keyboard would need such a setting adjustment, but it did. Now the keyboard is registering all the strokes from all the keys just fine.

BTW, for those who want to know about the unit itself: It seems very well made. It is thicker than the Apple Smart Keyboard + silicone back that I had before, but it is the same principle: A keyboard/front protection, with a shell for the back of the iPad. In this case, the tilt angle is controlled by part of the back that pulls out, rather than from the origami shelf that folds out from the keyboard itself. The touch is good, and the trackpad is fine. In addition to the adjustments available in Settings, Logitech has a free app to adjust how quickly/rapidly the keyboard illumination decreases, and maybe one other item.

Now that the motor is hitting on all cylinders, or keys, I am a happy camper with it.

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It’s Atl, as in Atlanta :slight_smile:

That’s a nice setup, and they must have released it after I bought my non-trackpad setup (or I didn’t see it). Sigh. Mouse works great with the iPad though, better than trying to see around my sausage fingers (as CARROT Weather calls them).

It’s Atl, as in Atlanta :slight_smile:

Oops! Not the first trick my aging eyes have played on me recently!

By the way, I returned the second Logitech today. It’s a fine unit, but I decided it just wasn’t for me. The trackpad was, if anything, too sensitive for my use, and the additional bulk proved too distracting. It’s a good quality product, in my opinion, but I decided I’d rather save the cash toward a new iPad Pro.

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