Logitech doorbell - expected temperature?

What is a ‘normal’ expected temperature for the Logitech Circle Doorbell? I’ve had no occurrences where it shuts down due to heat, but the case is hotter than I anticipated.

Installed ours a few days ago. Transformer is 10-16V (cannot remember) – definitely not 24V
It’s not in direct sun. Outside temp right now is 31.7ºC at 31% humidity
From Home app, clicked the camera and generated logs. Logs indicate “soc-temperature: 78.9 °C

I’m not concerned. Just curious if I should be concerned. :slight_smile:

@Ben_Wah @JohnAtl ?

Thank you,

I meant to reply sooner to you but I’m pulling a lot of overtime at work right now and haven’t been home much to check the logs on my doorbell. I did however check today and it’s telling me it can’t generate the longs because the device can’t be found. It might be because I’m on the dev beta.

I think Logitech recently updated the software for the doorbell and according to HomeKit Insider there are fewer issues with overheating. Mine only seems to overheat in the summer late afternoon/evening when my west facing front door gets hit by direct sunlight and its 110 deg F out with 0% humidity. It’s actually probably negative humidity where I am :joy:.

I think you should be ok without it overheating, from my experience with the camera.

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Thank you for the response.

I’m really enjoying peace of mind the doorbell brings.

We also bought an Eve camera two pack and a Logitech Circle View camera. Each model has some benefit over the other in my opinion.

Thank you again.