Logitech K750 – certain keys not working

My Logitech K750 is having problems…the Y J A N and 4 (on the right hand number keyboard) are simply not functioning while the others are. Is it a driver issue? Anyone have similar issues? Thanks.

Hope this is a hardware issue. Spilled any liquids on it :thinking:

My K 750 has worked flawlessly for several years. (Big help, I know.)

However, i bought an inexpensive allegedly Logitech keyboard. Keys stopped working. Dragged the Internet and found i was not alone.

Returned it to Amazon. Bought a Logitech 811 works flawlessly.

Opinion — Driver No — Keyboard busted
Assuming the keyboard used to work…

Does seem like I spilled a Coke on it! Don’t think so. :wink:

Guess I got a :lemon: