Logitech K780 keyboard has 4 noisy keys

I just started using a Logitech K780 keyboard. I pretty quickly noticed that some keys - back, -, + and enter - make louder sounds when tapped that all the others. Almost like the padding on those keys is worn and the dampening is lessened. I will add, as it my be the reason for this “imperfection”, that this is a refurbished unit which was supposed to be as new.

I am curious to hear from those who are using this keyboard, if you are noticing inconsistencies with keyboard sounds. I know there is better language to describe these behaviors and sounds. I imagine you get the gist of it. I look forward to hearing your insights as Logitech K780 users, and others too - of course.

I also would love to reprogram some of the keys and the manufacturer’ software does not make that possible. What tips or third party software exists to help make that possible?

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Karabiner-Elements is probably the best for reprogramming keys, and supports things like tapping a key means one thing, holding means another.

If it’s a new keyboard, return it. If it’s past the return date, contact Logitech about repair under warranty and ask about a loaner keyboard in the mean time.

As for remapping utilities, Google is your friend. But Karabiner-Elements is a good free option.

Hello @nplanchon,
I’ve just tested those keys on my K780 and they keys are louder than the others. So is the enter key (not the one on the number pad). I think that is the way they are on these keyboards. My K780 at work is exactly the same as the one I have at home.

@darranwest thank you for validating! i think best to return and see if i can get my hands on an apple a1242. :slight_smile:

@JohnAtl @bowline i appreciate the recommendations.