Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard

Would anyone have any good (or bad) experiences with this Logitech keyboard?


I have two; one at home and work. I really like the keyboard. Having the ability to link each one to three different devices makes it very useful.

At work I have to use a Windows 10 machine so that connects via the included dongle. I can rest my iPad in the slot and by switching from device 1 to 2 (the white buttons in the function row) I can easily work on both devices without needing to have a second keyboard on my desk. At home the keyboard is connected to my Mac via Bluetooth but the dongle will work with a Mac as well.

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Thank you @darranwest. What about the typing experience? Does it feel comfortable?

I find it very comfortable to type on. The keys are not flat but curve down towards the centre. It did take a short time to get used to but now I find it very easy to type on. There is not as much travel as a mechanical keyboard; if feels similar to the travel on the Apple keyboard that comes with an iMac. I am aware that this is a very subjective thing to talk about and if possible it would be good if you could try one before you commit to buying one.

One extra point to note. If you do buy one make sure you check all of the keys before you dispose of the packaging. When I received my second keyboard I found that the travel on one key was not the same as the rest. As I still had all of the packaging I was able to return it for a replacement which worked OK.

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My wife uses one of these with her MacBook Pro. The battery cover is kinda fragile and now has to be held on with tape. Not a really big deal but when the tape gets loose, the batteries also get loose and when that happens the connection drops and it has to be re-paired.

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Thank you both!! Appreciate your feedback

I have one of these - mostly to use with Raspberry Pi. (The switching made this attractive.)

It’s a good keyboard, though I find it a bit flat on the desk. I’m considering replacing with an MX Keys keyboard - which is the spiritual successor.

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Yes, love mine to switch been MacBook Pro and iPad

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How often do you forget to change the target device. This is the problem I tend to have with this sort of configuration

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I do it about once a week when I’m trying to work and do personal stuff at the same time

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Not too often but it does happen. The convenience of only having one keyboard on my desk far outweighs the moment of confusion when I start to type but no text appears on the screen I am looking at.

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When in work from home mode, as is often the case these days, I’m switching multiple times per day. Once you get used to the time waiting for it to connect it becomes pretty natural.

I belong to that category of owning too many devices, for personal and work. No way I’m putting personal apps and files on work devices . Ended up having 2 multi-device keyboards to cater for 5 devices at home :joy:.

Like mine a lot and switching is fine. Only problem has been working out how to how to remap and swap the fn and ctrl keys as does not appear in the keyboard preferences