Logitech keyboard question

Hi guys,

I’m currently in the market for a new keyboard. My longstanding Apple Magic Keyboard is literally starting to wear out (it seems I’ve started to type through the characters).

I’ve recently purchased the Logitech MX mouse, and I’ve been really impressed with its build quality. I’ve heard good things about the Logitech MX Keys keyboard but I’ve noticed they also have a fairly new MX mechanical as well.

Has anyone tried both by any chance? I’ve be grateful for any informed guidance about whether the mechanical is worth the additional £50 or so.

I have tried mechanical keyboards before and struggled. But I suspect that’s related to the fact that that keyboard was a full profile one, not a low profile, which I think is more suited to my typing style.

Any insights gratefully received.

Assuming this means other brands too…

I supported the Kickstarter for the Keychron K3 Pro low profile mechanical keyboard (actually forgot that I had).
I like it - a lot. I think it’s my favorite, which is saying a lot based on the money I’ve spent looking for the ideal keyboard that won’t kill my hands and wrists.

Mine has RGB lighting, hot swappable switches, and Gateron brown mechanical switches. It’s programmable with QMK and Via. Wired or wireless.

So if you’re looking for more of a low-profile keyboard, might be one to consider. I think they’re still taking preorders, but should be shipping soon.

Edit: it also sounds good, and is kind of delightful to type on.

Both are good for typing. The MX Mechanical is nice, but the keys feel like cheap plastic. In the Netherlands you can get the MX Keys for € 85 and the MX Mechanical costs about € 60 more. I would go for the MX Keys (cheaper and feels more premium). If you choose the mini, get the Windows version because it has a dedicated delete (forward) key.

I too purchased a Keychron earlier during the pandemic/WFH shift and I love it. One of these days I’ll attempt trying different switches in it. Also have a Logitech chiclet type BT keyboard that works with 3 devices which is great and compact.

I have the Logitech MX Mechanical with Tactile keyswitches and it’s excellent. I much prefer it to my wife’s MX Keys. The Mechanical’s key caps do show some finger oil. But I’ll take that to get the better feel. It’s somewhat low profile but not as low as the MX Keys. The Tactile switches are smooth and quiet.

I also just got the Keychron K7 with optical banana keyswitches for portable use, but haven’t used it yet.

If you struggled with mechanical, why not just stay with the low profile keyboards that you know work for you? In my view Logitech makes some of the best low profile keyboards. At home, I still use an old K811 paired with a cheapish Satechi mouse.

At work, I recently got the Logitech MX Keys Mini paired with the Signature M650 mouse (for lefties, in large). The function keys don’t quite match the functonality of the MBP’s keyboard (not all buttons are the same, so check specs in case there is a dealbreaker there for you), but since I use my MBP as my secondary monitor I can always just reach over.

At both places, I use Logitech’s low profile MX Palm Rest which has proved very comfortable. I am slowly transitioning to better touch typing to aid my intermittent RSI – and it’s very comfy with the rest. The benefit to getting a mini keyboard (sans numpad) is that you can support you mouse and keyboard posture from the same pad:

I’ve got the mx keys and mx mechanical.
Used the mx keys for a couple of years as my primary keyboard before getting the mx mechanical in the summer.
I prefer the mechanical for the typing experience over the keys if you want the low profile the keys is lower in profile.
One thing to note, depending on which mouse you have might guide you too. The keys and mechanical use different usb receivers, mechanical the ‘bolt’ and keys ‘unifying receiver’. The mx3 uses the unifying and the mx3s has the bolt. They are not interchangeable, so if you only want usb dongle pick the one that matches :slight_smile:


Well I managed to spill a cup of coffee of my mx mechanical and it survived to tell the tale.
Not sure if the mx keys would have…


Great to hear it survived. A quick off topic question: do the emoji and dictation buttons work with iOS or iPadOS?